Please keep your boarding passes and any travel tickets!

After travelling please make sure you keep all boarding passes and travel tickets with you. We need these for claiming funding. 


If you're travelling from within the UK to reach Bournemouth, we'll let you know your travel itinerary soon. If you have a railcard or discount, feel free to let us know!

Check Your Travel Times

Make sure you're 100% familiar with your travel times to Bournemouth. Your group leader should give you all the necessary information and documents, but you must also be responsible for your own travel. Most airlines allow you to Check In for your flight at home or on your mobile. Checking in beforehand will save you time at the airport.

Liquid Rules on Flights

If you're flying to or within the United Kingdom, you must check that any liquids over 100ml in quantity are in your checked baggage and not taken with you in your backpack or handbag.