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About Sarteano, the home of TCFT 2017

This year TCFT’s residency was held in the beautiful small historic town of Sarteano which is part of the Province of Siena in the Italian region of Tuscany. 

Our residencies bring together young people, artists and community leaders of all ages from across Europe for two weeks of workshops, discussions, visits and cultural exchange. At the heart of TCFT is inclusion and the accessibility of the arts to people of all backgrounds, regardless of disabilities, gender, race or class.

This year our theme is 'Unione/Unity', one that we have explored through different art forms and expressive ways. 

Thank you to our partners

Agencia/Manchester University: In Place of War (United Kingdom)

Bournemouth University (United Kingdom)

Diverse City (United Kingdom)

Opera Circus (United Kingdom)

The Arts Development Company (United Kingdom)

Urban Playground Team (United Kingdom)

Commune di Sarteano (Italy)

Youth Council Srebrenica (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Fingers Theatre: Besso & Company (Georgia)

A7M: Setubal Music Festival (Portugal)

VBC (Romania) 

Teater Mimart (Serbia)