Thanks to Arts Council England, Erasmus + and Awards for All for supporting this project.   Thank you to Bryanston School for sharing their beautiful facilities near Blandford Forum that made this event possible and affordable.  Thank you to all the artists for bringing their generous creativity to share with everyone and to all the young participants who worked and played so hard.

We have also been given a number of truly beautiful gifts for a fund raising auction.  We want to ensure that when we do this we can raise
the maximum amount of funding to honour the donors and support the work we are doing.  With so many thanks to John Makepeace, John Leache, Alice Temperley, Rumi Verjee, Thomas Goode's in Mayfair, and Justin Langham. More news on this soon.

We are beginning the fund raising process for the first two years of International Youth programme.  We will be applying again to Erasmus + as well as other funding organisations.  We are developing a Youth Fund Raising Team under the experienced guidance of Fabio Santos. August 2015 we will be in Bosnia with our first event.  Full details of this will be on the web site shortly and once we have sifted through all the ideas and information we have as a result of our pilot project.