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We are all staying in the Student village which is on campus.

We can walk practically everywhere except to the beach.  We have 3, 4, 5 and 7 bedroom houses all accommodation is single rooms and each house has a number of bathrooms depending on size.  There is also a kitchen and living/dining area.  See the web site for further information.  We have made a list of who is staying where and with whom, but as you know this is flexible and can be reorganised if need be during the first few days.

Who's sharing with who?

All registered participants will receive an email with a list of which house they're in and who they're sharing with. 


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for all registered participants, facilitators and artists throughout the entire two-weeks. There is a kitchen in each of the houses in the TCFT Village if you wish to bring anything to cook while you're in Bournemouth, please keep them clean and tidy!


Smoking inside the buildings is strictly prohibited. It must be done outside of the houses away from the doors and windows. Smoking across the University campus (even if its outside) is also strictly prohibited. Across the UK, smoking inside any public buildings (including restaurants, cafes, shops and bars) is illegal!