Mary Melodies is an actress, writer and director originally from Romania, who considers herself a World Citizen, even without the necessary paperwork.  Born in the theatre, into a long line of actors, producers and directors, she grew up loving the art of performance. As a small child she demanded to be included in her parents work and would do everything from acting alongside them on stage, to promoting and street performances or tours in other countries. As a teenager, she found solace in cinematic masterpieces and exorcised her demons through punk music. This blend of Americana and Communist residue led to the anarcho-pacifist mentality people either love or hate about her, but never remain indifferent to. 

In 2010, she moved to London from Bucharest, and attended the BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School, where she continued her relationship with improvisation, character research, Elizabethan theatre, stand-up and method acting. It is here she developed two short films, wrote scripts, planted seeds for future projects and learned what kind of creator she would like to be - respectful.  

Since then, Mary has worked with artists from all over the world, recently starring in her first feature film “On the Canal”, a British-Canadian production, and collaborating with various theatre companies from both England and Romania. She recently started directing, producing and editing promotional materials or documentation for theatre companies and new businesses.

This is the second time Mary will join TCFT, as she previously found truth with other participants in the Dorset pilot project in 2014.