I'm from Romania, Baia-Mare, born on 10 dec 1993. Came to Bucharest when I was 3 and shortly after my family discovered my artistic side, therefore i started private lessons for painting and drawing. After some years, got in Arts General School and continued with Fine Arts High School. In 10th grade I had to chose a specialization, my option was industrial design, which brought me a level 3 degree in the field. All my life have been surrounded by art, either it was music, took piano, guitar and vocal lessons, either painting, drawing and photography, a little bit of theater classes and eventually design. Following my passion, currently am a last year master degree student at product design in Bucharest. After finishing an internship, I'm currently employed at a design firm, where I'm developing my skills in graphic and interior design - a hidden passion that just came to life. My freelance projects involve book cover designing, posters, theater sets and many others. In my free time, I like to paint and make photographs.

 Besides my professional occupations and hobbies, I enjoy swimming and travelling. Seeing the world is an important part in one's life, for bringing fresh information and new perspectives.