YOUTH HAS SPOKEN is a child project with the idea of listening to what young people have to say and trying to help their ideas and be proactive.

Filmed and edited by Nina Petrov, TCFT representative and performer from Teater Mimart, Belgrade

The idea for this project appears as a reaction to not enough space for young people to express their opinion and give their feedback to high institutions, such as European Union institutions and Governments. We are trying to provide a platform where everyone has the right to speak, and where everyone’s opinion equally matters

European Youth Event was an inspiring place to meet young people from different backgrounds and with different interests and points of view. It was beautiful experience to see all this variety, talking with these people, and many others who weren't interviewed. Places like this always spread our horizons and make us grow a little more.

Youth is known for using their right to speak out loud, and this is their story.

Nina made this film as a result of going to an European Youth Event in Strasbourg in mid-May with TCFT representatives Amy Wisenfeld, Duarte Reis, Lora Krasteva, Maja Djukanovic, Rory Newbery and Tina Ellen Lee.