Theater Mimart, one of the first alternative theatres in ex-Yugoslavia was established in 1984 in Belgrade. Nela Antonovic, founder and director of MIMART and MA in Technical Sciences. Theatre Mimart in a transmedial manner explores creativity in freedom of movement along with assembled artists.

The focus of our work is the phenomenon of society, because contemporarity is defined by various phenomena: geo-political, social, economical, technological, environmental media, communicational and cultural. In the era of universal aspiration towards visualization and spectacle as a model of social and cultural life, in its sole discretion, MIMART Theatre is searching for the meaning of contemporary art. Non-verbal theater transcends all barriers: language, geographic, political, ethnic, social. Mimart celebrated its 30th Anniversary during 2014.  

MIMART has participated in many theatre festivals: Prague, Moscow, Sarajevo, Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Rostov, Antwerp, Sochi, Podgorica, Paris, Lviv, Uzhhorod, Kiev, Oslo, Naples, Zagreb, Cluj, Novi Sad, Subotica, Nis, Pudva, Cairo, San Marino and many others, as well as leading interactive video art festivals in the world. Opera Circus has worked with Theatre Mimart since 2009 both with the work in Srebrenica and through the European Cultural Project "WAKE UP".   We are delighted that the founder and director of Teater Mimar, Nela Antonovic will be participating along with young artists from her youth theatre department.