Teatar Mimart's youth team from Serbia, characterised by free thinking, innovation, courage, compassion and openness, gets this great opportunity to take part in European project The Complete Freedom of Truth, where its members got to know similar young people from other countries, to experience various approaches to different art forms, to share their knowledge and skills, as well as learn from other young participants, facilitators and workshop leaders.


TCFT was a significant experience for me - it woke up my love for parkour and inspired me to continue developing my skills at home. Also, an important influence of my resolution and way of thinking were Democracy workshops led by Robert Golden and Darren Abrahams, which encouraged me to take a step forward in my social activity by participating in World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg this year.


But this desire to move forward and make progress in life is something that all members of Teatar Mimart have in common. Here’s a short introduction to what we are doing after this years’ TCFT.


Lidija Antonović is leading a multimedia project in which she is combining live music performance, and involving all Mimart performers, including our youth participants of TCFT. This project is selected to take part in BUNT - International Music Festival and will be presented on the 2nd November.


The Youth Pass we’ve got by participating in the TCFT pilot project helped Anja Nikolić with applying for a job, so she is now teaching contemporary dance in the Contemporary Dance Institute in Belgrade. She is also making big progress in her music career.


Costume designer and performer Lara Popović started her PhD studies this year at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, where she is exploring theory of dramatic arts, media and culture. She is a great example of a person that is not wasting her time and this decision of hers was inspirational to all of us.


Actress Katarina Orlandić discovered her abilities on circus workshops with Diverse City. She found herself very interested in it and continued developing her skills in this area by participating in circus workshops in Bitef Theatre and Bitef Polyphony Festival.


Saxophonist Teodora Sarić decided to start studying Jazz Studies/Saxophone Performance at the Faculty of Musical Arts, University of Belgrade. She found great encouragement by other musicians that participated in TCFT this year, and therefore she decided to continue upgrading her talent in playing saxophone.


Besides our individual successes, we are all still active members of Teatar Mimart, working together in creating non-verbal physical theatre performances and multimedia performances. Most important of all, we are there to support each other, offering feedback about our individual projects and encouraging each other to move forward.

Picture courtesy of eSrebrenica