A message from one of our TCFT 2015 youth leaders from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Nemanja Zekić, after accepting the European Citizens Prize from the European Parliament on behalf of all TCFT partners and participants. 

Sylvie Guillaume (Vice-President of the European Parliament), Milena Nikolic (representing TCFT), Nemanja Zekic (representing TCFT), Clare Moodey (MEP Southwest England & Gibraltar)  

Sylvie Guillaume (Vice-President of the European Parliament), Milena Nikolic (representing TCFT), Nemanja Zekic (representing TCFT), Clare Moodey (MEP Southwest England & Gibraltar)  

"The Brussels ceremony was just a wonderful occasion. A recognition that you truly deserved with the help of the rest of us. The ceremony was big, with 47 other winners, most of whom are really doing great work in their communities, EU, and the world. We received it in your names and there are a lot of photos.


We presented our work to the Head of Culture. He is Danish and is aware of Yugoslavia's background and how hard is it to work there. So he really appreciated our work. (He used to be a professional handball player playing with many guys from Yugoslavia).


Jaffer is just great. He has so much charisma, knowledge about democracy and inclusion, and the energy that is hard to be matched. His group in Blackburn is doing a great work in fighting against domestic violence and also upgrading youth skills. They are a really positive and dedicated group which can be seen on photos. 


I suggest we invite them to the TCFT, especially if we are going to do in Manchester. It would also add more diversity to our project since most of them are from Middle East background. 


The parliament is just a great institution. I do think that there is maybe too much bureaucracy but that is just today's society. 


There are forums and debates, not only for the MEPs but also organized by the parliament all over the place. I think that is the true purpose of that kind of building. 


We attended the plenary session of the parliament and entire session of Culture and Education committee which Julie is a member of. 

Some true and great debates happened there. 


I think that is maybe something that we can do in the future. To bring Bosnian people (and people from other non EU countries) closer to the idea of the Union. To bring them to see how it actually looks. 


There were also a lot of conversation about the upcoming referendum in the UK. I have to say that all pro-YES MEPs are doing their best to prepare for it and serious preparations are happening. 


Lastly, yesterday we were approached by a Bosnian girl, Nadja that works in the parliament (something about security, for the shadow speaker for Bosnia) Ambassador of Bosnia with the EU wants to meet us today. That is a great chance to maybe present them the idea of visits to EU institutions.


Also Nadja said she would send us all the opportunities that she gets and that we can use for further funding."