The Spoken Word

February 2019

I am not usually good at showing appreciation and I usually forget to say thank you but this NEEDS to be said without a doubt!! 

Last year I was asked if I wanted to attend a 5 day residential doing nothing but music and anything arts related! Usually I would’ve jumped straight at the chance but travelling and staying away from home, for so long was a huge challenge but it’s fair to say I half heartedly said yes.. I had to give it a chance! I was not aware or prepared for what them 5 days would to my life or what these amazingly talented and inspirational people would teach me!

One of these people taught me that it doesn’t matter how dark your life is or how much you are struggling, something so bright and warm can still be created. That it’s never too late to give back to the community and she taught me that if you’re truly passionate about something it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or an amateur there will be people willing to listen, willing to watch! She truly inspires me to try and make a change, to try and better the area I live in because even if it’s 1 persons life you better or 1000 it still makes the world a better and more enjoyable place to live! 

One person taught me to think before I speak, to not judge a book by its cover! I know I should’ve known this already but we’re all slightly judgmental in a way and he taught me that every person has a story, every person has a lesson to teach you and every person you meet no matter of race, religion, gender or nationality, we are ALL human! He taught me to love every person I meet (unless they give me a solid reason not to) because love, peace, joy and even change is not something we should be scared of but something we should embrace!

Another person taught me that life is always a lesson if you’re willing to learn. She taught me that no matter your reason for being late, not around or not being able to do something, you NEED to communicate!! She taught me to love everything about myself.. the good, the bad and the ugly because no matter what you’re back story is you can ALWAYS be better if you try hard enough! She also taught me that the pain you feel, the suffocation from your past can help some one else to breathe but at the same time it helps you understand that you were suffocating yourself! Also, whether it’s rap, poetry or a statement if you allow yourself to feel just a little bit of emotion then your performance will be much more powerful and more believable! 
And lastly she taught me that not all religious people are homophobic and transphobic! 

And last of all, one guy taught me the right way to prepare for a performance. He taught me that no matter how uncomfortable you are with something or no matter how much you dislike it, if you at least try then you’ll learn something! He taught me skills with my music that no one has ever taught me and his voice!! You can hear the emotion through every note!! 

These amazing people do not get enough recognition for what they do and not only did them 5 days last year change my life but I also had the pleasure of coming back a year later for 2 more days to learn so much more! 

So I would like to say thank you to The Complete Freedom of Truth and to Tina Ellen Lee Cedoux KadimaShaniqua Benjamin, Alex Gichohi (Zangi) because without you I wouldn’t have found the light I lost, I wouldn’t have learned all that I have and most of all I would not have these memories that will last me a life time! So thank you again for changing my life and making me a better man! ❤️

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