A number of TCFT participants collaborated to create a short film around the theme of transformation.

The foundations of the film were a poem written by Dave Young, Eilís, Emma and Amy collaboratively, regarding the themes of transformation.  After brainstorming and absorbing these themes, we explored beautiful scenes and locations locally within Srebrenica such as: Guber springs and the Hunting lodge.  


These locations became our creative spaces where we subsequently explored dance, sign language poetry, film and photography. Within the dance aspects of the film, we focused on expressing transformation and the imagery of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly through improvised movement inspired and enhanced within the spaces.


The idea for this short film was created from a desire to ‘give back’ to the TCFT family – to convey how the experience had been for us, and the beauty and hope we saw imbued in the project as a whole.


We were inspired by the idea of the journey of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, and from this began to think about the process of transformation and how it looked for us. For us transformation was embedded within three layers throughout the project.


Ultimately, we believe that there can be transformation through the arts – that involving yourself in creative and artistic outlets can bring about social and political awakening and change, but also that change can happen on a very basic, fundamental level through the arts – self-esteem can be boosted, people can feel inspired to create new projects and to further pursue creative endeavours.


We then looked at the idea of transformation within Srebrenica itself, exploring the history of the town and how there can sometimes be an excess of memorialisation, but a lack of positive action. We wanted to look at the beauty of the town, and work to transform desolate, abandoned buildings, looking at how a space can be given meaning and life through the activities which happen within it.


We then looked at transformation of ourselves, and wanted to explore how within the short amount of time we had been involved in the project we already had experienced positive growth, transformation and change. We wanted to express an excitement of looking into the future as we move forward together on this creative and social journey.