A poem expressing a frustration and desire to have an existence with mutual freedom, to exist with the ability to express ourselves and our creativity in a community as The Complete Freedom of Truth develops collaboratively.

    To have no limitations, no frustrations

    Free to speak without seeming weak

    Freedom of expression, no oppression

    To dream, because I have a dream…

    To think freely with no restrictions, no contradictions

    To choose without judgement,

    Act without judgement,

    Exist without judgement of the way I express

    Without someone to oppress

    To be free,

    To be me

    And create beauty within that freedom that I live with

    With the people I live with

    To create love and beauty in a world of hate and cruel fate

    I dream for us all to be free

    To know truth from lie

    Friend from foe

    Without confusion or illusion

    To confuse and abuse

    Thought and feelings within our communities

    Breeding war and cruelty to one another

    We are human

    And we should all be free

    To be free together