The Youth Council of Srebrenica was founded as an NGO and umbrella organization for all the youth organizations in the town.

The aim of the Youth Council is to support the development of youth activism and contribute to improving the position of young people within the community. The responsibilities of the Youth Council includes creating youth policies at whose heart are the development of peace and non-violence in the region.  

The main focus is in the areas of education, research, art, culture and sports and to support the creation of an healthy local community. We truly believe in, and encourage co-operation with other organizations with the aim to achieve positive change in BiH.

Vision of the Council

A tolerant community which acknowledges the need for equality and human rights for all and which encourages young people to be active in society.  We see the Youth Centre in Srebrenica as a caring institution supporting other youth organizations with the Youth Council as the partner to all other institutions responsible for youth in the region.