Domino Network includes young activists, artists and youth leaders from 4 cities in BiH (Srebrenica, Visegrad, Jelah, Tuzla) whose primary goal is to organize arts festivals, and together we will work to promote human rights activism through the various branches of socially engaged art, working on behavior change among young people, in terms of raising awareness about the role of their own involvement in creating positive change in local communities in which they live.

 Given that we are working in smaller communities, which are mostly somehow closed and did not provide an opportunity for young people to see similar events, and rarely there are places where a group of young people of different ethnic, national, religious, gender and other affiliation gathers, to strive for the same goal, it is important to support this idea and provide an opportunity for small communities to gather talented young people, activists, leaders and artists that will inspire the community's positive values.

We want to show young people from our local communities that we work together, not paying attention to all the differences that exist between us, and, among other things, to offer young people a different vision of art, unconventional and non-commodified, open to all and completely accessible to all, and to show that through such art we certainly can act, encourage thinking, raise awareness, investigate how the community is breathing and to what one should aspire, to examine the needs and problems of youth and problematize them in various creative ways. We want to look to the future, where we all live in our country as equal.