Rory was introduced to the intercultural exchanges of Opera Circus in May 2012, attending a workshop on democracy as part of the Wake Up! initiative. Since then, he has participated in and arranged accreditation for participants of Like A Film In My Mind and TCFT through the Erasmus+'s (previously Youth in Action) Youth Pass. Before this Rory co-founded and coordinated an cultural exchange between The Thomas Hardye School (UK) and The Doon School (India) as part of a British Council/BBC project celebrating the London 2012 Olympic Games.

He has represented the UK at the Euro-Arab Youth Forum in Doha, Qatar (2013) and Strasbourg, France (2015) as well as a number of European Students' Forum projects in Europe and North Africa. Ahead of the European Parliament Elections in 2014, he was the UK Ambassador to the European Youth Forum's League of Young Voters initiative - working alongside local and national media to raise awareness for the upcoming election. 

Currently studying Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leeds, UK and Arabic Language Centre in Fez, Morocco.