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Nela Antonovic

Nela Antonovic

Nela is an art director, performer, educator, science researcher with an MA in Technology and an associate/lecturer at the Belgrade Dance Institute.

She was the founder of NGO Theatre MIMART in Belgrade since 1984 and has led the organisation as Artistic Director until now. Nela has created her own creative method through Mimart as an expert of non-formal education through conceptual thinking, she leads intercultural EU projects and is a creative mentor of Youth.

Nela researches audience development through Community Art and inclusion. By using an open process, she is exploring nonverbal communication which overpasses all boundaries: lingual, political, cultural, religious, and geographical. Through interdisciplinary exploring phenomenon of society through participation. Nela Antonovic is an author of 62 theatre performances and over 400 Art performances and street theatre productions and with she has participated in over 30 European festivals up until 2018.

Having long-term experience of research work in theatre, Nela Antonovic published books “Mimart Rings” (2000), “Phenomenology through movement” (2004), e-books “25” (2009) and  e – Monograph Mimart (2014).