Sarteano is located between two valleys, Val d’Orca and Valdichiana.  This region has been inhabited for thousands of years and is rich in cultural life, art, archaeology and agriculture.  The town has a population of around 5000 people, a high school, a large sports centre, a theatre, several churches, restaurants, cafes and three hotels.

There is a magnificent 5th century castle, a fascinating archeological museum, the exquisite small Teatro degli Arrischianti and the Church of St. Martin in the Forum which contains a small number of paintings of real quality, a lovely square, or piazza, and many small and winding streets to explore.  There are a number of high quality restaurants, a weekly market and over 50 local voluntary organisations.  Sarteano hosted the International Quidditch Competition a number of years ago. The town is well known for its culture, food and active community. It’s a very special place.