VBC ASSOCIATIONBucharest, Romania is developing cultural activities and projects in partnership with inland and abroad organizations and public and private entities.
The main goal of VBC association is to stimulate human creativeness potential in cultural, artistic and scientific fields through the improvement of intercultural communication.

VBC project includes projects like  THE MAN NEXT TO YOU (2008, Romania), part of STREET DELIVERY event - monumental photo exhibition on the walls on Pictor Verona street, marionette show, workshops for children, exhibition of urbane anthropology, theatre show inspired by Romanian writers, concert of classic and baroque music in the middle of the street -, - and TRACES OF CULTURE (2009, France and Belgium)- marionette shows, puppets and Romanian traditional handcraft workshops and exhibitions. The festival RUMAENISCHE KAMMERMUSIK ABENDE IN BERLIN (2008, Germany) with chamber music concerts, solo and ensemble performances  was organized in Berlin by a member of VBC through INTERSERV CONECT activity.