Rotary Peace Fellowships / Conflict Resolution Academic Fellowships


Each year, Rotary selects up to 100 individuals from around the world to receive fully funded academic fellowships to pursue a Professional Development Certificate Program or Masters Degree Program related to peace and conflict resolution and prevention at one of the participating peace centers around the world (USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Sweden, Thailand).

Deadline: 31st May 2017

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A Symposium on the Phenomenon of Corruption

Berlin, Germany | 16th-18th June 2017

How does state corruption operate in different countries and how are (civil) societies responding to it? What is the role of traditional and digital media in the so-called fight against corruption? And what forms of artistic reception, narratives and narrative strategies have arisen as a result?

Deadline: 7th May 2017

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Global Intercultural Warming Against Youth Radicalization

Zakopane, Poland | 2nd-10th June 2017

The main aim of this project is to gather young people from 7 different EU countries, discuss how the Intercultural Learning can be used as a tool against radicalization and exchange ideas on the concepts of intercultural society which have become controversial.

For young people aged 14-24yrs from Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Portugal or Romania.

Deadline: 27th April 2017

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Sound of Music (Training Course)

Mollina, Spain | 24th - 31st July 2014

European Training course for youth workers to explore the power of music in non formal education activities with young people with different aims (to relax, to activate, to cooperate, to reflect, to promote learning, etc)

Deadline 28th May 2017

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World Youth Congress

17th - 25th June 2017 | Hawaii, USA

This event builds on our, Peace Child International’s, experience in gathering the most active, most innovative, most capable young leaders from all over the globe. 

  • Ages 18-25 from across the World

Deadline: Monday 1st May 2017

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