Bosnia was difficult but amazing. I thought I did wonderful work, but I wanted to try out some other stuff, like working with other people more and trying out some things more.  On the first day or two I tried Parkour, but then chose to do Diverse City because I was unsure about where to go.  I couldn't really find time to go off because everybody wanted me.  The only time I managed to go and do self-made work was with Eilís and the film, but I couldn’t be fully involved in that process because I was in demand.


If things had been different, maybe I could have offered writing skills and done more with the filming.  But of course there is only so much that one person can fit into one week.  Leptir was amazing.  I thought the kids were amazing.  I loved the work with them and Diverse City.  The circus was fun.  I thought the social change work I did was good with Leptir.  I am very interested in this work to support building a better place for disabled people in Bosnia.  I thought it was amazing all in all and I thought I got the best work that I could have done out there.  I wanted to make more even work, but I couldn't in the time we had.


I think in the future, I could go out before and bring in more disabled people from special schools or clubs to be involved with The Complete Freedom of Truth.  Then I would go back to TCFT to help them integrate with other groups within the project, like Parkour and whatever they wanted to do, so we include everybody in all aspects of the process.  There is an opportunity for those young people to be involved in the very core of the work.  I can deliver that role and oversee the disabled people getting in the core of the process, with the support of the team at Diverse City.


I think Tina should invite more professional disabled artists to come and be creative with the people from other places and companies.  I would recommend disabled artists like Jamie Beddard or Dave Toole and more that could work in association with the project, and others that couldwork alongside me, or as well as me, to be a part of the process.  (Tina agrees and is also thinking of Matt Fraser).


I loved meeting young people my own age and the social side, like in the pub, is important to me.  Meeting different people my own age is not something that I get to do all the time.  It was fun and enjoyable.


I think Diverse City was too detached from the whole project in parts.  I think Diverse City should have done the first week instead of the second week.  Perhaps it would have given others more of a chance to get involved with us and the opportunity to look at inclusive practise right at the beginning of the work, instead of an add on.  I think it would have been better if we had more involvement within the core of the process.


I enjoyed The Complete Freedom of Truth this year and loved the experiences I had.

Thanks so much

David Young is working with Graeae on their new production, Ensemble. This is Graeae's “ground breaking new work based, paid training programme for deaf and disabled 17 -26 year olds who wish to pursue a career in performing arts or theatre making.”

It will include: delivering workshops in schools, attending lectures on theatre practices and producing a performance to show case.  It will run for two terms from October to March, three days a week in London at the Graeae studios.