Several workshops have been organized for young people as a part of cultural festival “The Complete Freedom of Truth”, in Visegrad and Andrićgrad.

The cultural festival "The Complete Freedom of Truth" is a five-year program that is released this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina in three cities Jelah, Visegrad and Srebrenica and it will last from 2 to 22 August. The program aims to make new acquaints and networking of young artists from seven countries, the promotion of culture and the development of small towns in terms of empowerment and encouragement of young people in starting youth activities and facilities.

Music workshops are held by Gichohi Alexander and Marko Stankovic.

“I encourage people to let out their voices, to open up themselves and express their creativity in the joint creation of the song, where they can communicate their freedom, truth. I am here for the first time, and I was thinking how to convey my impression to someone, how to say that this river is beautiful, and how to describe the hospitality of the people and beauty of the country. Actually this project will do this”, said Alexander Gichohi musician and songwriter from England.

Alexander is very popular in Visegrad. People coming up to him and ask to take a photo, they get acquainted with him and they have a talk with him. He says he does not mind and he understands that people do not have the opportunity to meet someone who has a black skin.

"I take part in music workshops and so far I have never been in similar activities in the past. I have not been engaged with the music before. I would like to take part in the coming years in this project, "said Milan Maksimovic.

Youth activism in Visegrad is almost nonexistent; the Youth Council Visegrad is exists, but it does not provide any activities for young people.

Only this summer Biljana Maksimovic will spent in Visegrad. Already from September she will be student in Bijeljina.

"I wanted to participate in all workshops but it was too hard because they take a lot of time and they sometimes overlap, so I chose a music workshop in which I enjoy and I can relax."

For Sandra Djuric this is a great experience that will strengthen her confidence.

“"I did not plan to be a part of music workshops but there were a lack of participants on this workshop, so I agreed. When I came to the workshop I liked how it looks and how my voice sounds, Alexander shows us how it functions and what is more important, he stress-free us, I am relaxed. Even though I am not planning to go into music, I really enjoy these workshops. "

At the Music Workshop creation of a song that symbolizes Visegrad, freedom, unity, truth is taking part. The song is written by participants of the workshop and it will be bilingual. Responsible for the music are Marko and Alexander.

"Here in Visegrad there are a lot of talented young people and this is a new opportunity for them which they should use while we need to be of their assistance and guidance. We are very excited about this place and I think that the great things will happened here", said Alexander