Following a series of discussions and workshops on the involvement of young people in policymaking and cultural activities, a small group from TCFT joined together in Brussels for a visit of the European Parliament, as well as a programme of workshops and presentations on the various things we can do to improve our communities and the future cultural relationship between the UK and our neighbours across Europe (and the world). 

In February 2018, a group from TCFT travelled to Brussels to spend three days advocating for young people's involvement in policy and community movements, learning how the European Parliament works, meeting with Culture Action Europe and EUNIC at the Bozar/Centre for Fine Arts, celebrating the World Day of Social Justice at Pianofabriek cultural centre and taking part in a presentation of the work of Crisis Classroom at the European Parliament with Darren and Kate.

Jordan Wildon, who first joined us in Bournemouth, will be made a radio podcast/blog for the trip, allowing us to share our thoughts and discussions with everyone. We'll also be joined by a group from SLYNCS in Blackburn, to continue our series of conversations and discoveries about different cultures across the UK. 

This trip would not be possible without the support, ideas and funding of Clare Moody & Julie Ward - Members of European Parliament for the Southwest & Northwest of England - and their staff as well as Alain Ruche for his advice and care. 

The TCFT-UK Participants: Elliot, Finn, Jade, Jordan, Josh, Makeda, Molly, Richard, Rory, Rosie, Shaniqua & Tina