Besides all the obstacles and challenges we faced during the period of organizing and implementing TCFT program, it had an incredibly huge impact on the local community.  For people involved in the project and for me as well, it was a real pleasure to be a part of the team.  I really enjoyed it with all my heart and I'm so proud and happy we did a great job!


The restaurants, Bato and Azemina, told me this is a project that happens once in 15 years.  Avdo Misirlije was so cooperative and professional; it’s always a real pleasure to work with him.  The taxi drivers have been so kind and thankful for the support.  One of them (Aleksandra’s father) said, “If Nevena or you call me at 2am to drive you or whoever no matter where, I would drive till the end of the World without asking anything.”


Rada “Lipa” shop is very happy and thankful.  Everyone else had just the best words to say about the entire group, the program and the people they accommodate.  The Parkour team left a lot of gifts to their hosts (Ademir's family) and they invited me for a coffee to share their emotions with a huge smile on their faces.  The taxi drivers also still comment about what the Parkour team is capable of doing!


The young man who works in Bato's restaurant, Jovan, said, "If we could have something like this each month, I would never wish to leave Srebrenica."  I asked him if he felt tired the very next day and he said, "No, I could already work with the same energy and much more."


I heard comments on different occasions and from different people, but they were all saying the same – how great and alive Srebra was and that we needed just 100 young people for it to become a better and happier town; we never had anything like this.


We hear these things all the time around us.  It makes my heart so big and I wanted to share it with you and others!  Rada and I passed by one woman today and she called out, "Bring the young people back!"


A Politician, Member of Local Assembly, congratulated us and said that he followed us and saw what we were doing.  He said, "Srebrenica was smiling!  It's great what you have done!  So many young people, so many happy faces, so much positive energy."


Djordje, Director of Andricgrad, just called to ask how everything in Srebrenica was and to say that he is very thankful and more than satisfied with our collaboration.  He mentioned again that he would like to continue with the cooperation next year.


Thank you Tina for making this real and thank you for understanding and being a real friend to all of us here!  You have wonderful energy, team and friends!  Thank you for bringing all of it to us! 


And thanks to everyone who are part of this global family!  Each person came with an open heart and mind, brought ideas, skills and shared them with everyone, fully committed to the process we started all together!


We are a global family, we are powerful, we ROCK!