It's hotting up in Srebrenica (despite the cooling weather after a big rainstorm) as The Complete Freedom of Truth continues.  The past six days have been spent getting to know each other and attending fun, insightful workshops with various presentations thrown in.  On Friday, I gained valuable information from the ensemble theater workshop in the morning and embraced my love of music in the afternoon.


Elma, 23, from Jelah in Bosnia also attended the ensemble theater workshop with David, saying, "It's not just about theater.  It's about art also."  Elma told me that she writes poetry and that one of the subjects she writes about is the purpose of life, which was interesting, because she said that they were also speaking about the purpose of life in David’s workshop.


Naomi, 24, from Croydon in the UK took part in the video workshop with Robert, where she was so inspired by the circumstances surrounding Guber springs that she wants to take the long walk up there again.  After being told that Guber springs should have been completed four or five years ago, while the politicians are having access to much of the money from the United Nations, Naomi felt like "this is my opportunity to make a difference here."  She also added, "I feel like I didn't have much of a purpose here.  I feel like I have one now."


More and more is coming up this week, which I’m excited about, so keep reading to stay informed.  For now though, I'll leave you with another one of my poems.


If I Wasn't a Person I Would Be


I love being a human being,

Walking this earth every day.

However, if that wasn't meant to be,

I'd love to be a camera in the hands of somebody.


They'd take me in their bag,

Giving me a chance to see the world.

I'd be round their neck or in their hand on their travels,

Seeing lots of amazing things for free.


I'd keep images of the streams in Venice,

France's Eiffel Tower,

The beautiful Seychelles' beaches,

Or the majestic pyramids in Egypt.


When at home, I'd be the one capturing memories,

So they'd never forget those special moments.

The kiss at a wedding and blowing out candles on a birthday.

A night out with friends and the birth of a child.


Perhaps I'd be fortunate to be in the hands of a fashion photographer,

Capturing those hidden moments backstage at catwalk shows.

I'd shoot covers and spreads for the likes of Elle, W, i-D and Vogue,

And bring to life those beautiful clothes.

I'd sure love to be at the Victoria's Secret show,

As the outfits are beautiful and it's a lot of fun.


Being a photographer for news stories could also be amazing,

Seeing those life-changing events in the world firsthand.

Some will be good and some will be bad,

But the imagery is amazing and breathtaking to look at.


However, there'll come a day when I'd no longer work,

And sadly I'd be replaced.

At least I'd have seen and experienced many things,

So it's only right another camera now has the chance.