Nela Antonovic  - Free artist, workshop leader, performer and educator, science researcher MA Technology.

Nela is the founder and art director of NGO Theatre MIMART in Belgrade, an educator of theatre training by own method of creative visualisation MIMART. Over thirty years with young artists, and using an open process, Nela explores the creativity in freedom of movement, as well as nonverbal communication, which overpasses all boundaries: lingual, political, cultural, religious, and geographical. Nela Antonovic is an author of 58 original projects and around 400 experimental short performances, choreographies and projects of street theatre until 2016. She works with young people, students, professional artists, citizens, Roma people,  people with disabilities and migrants. From different sections she researches for phenomenon of society, creating symbolic structure in physical theater. With MIMART she has participated in many festivals worldwide: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, San Marino, Romania, Croatia, Egypt, Montenegro, France, Norway and many more...


She is a Member of Drama Artists Association of Serbia- UDUS, of Ballet Association of Serbia- UBUS, of contemporary dance net «Station», of net alternative contemporary arts in Serbia «Second stage». She is coordinator for Serbia of the many intercultural projects in art and culture, and some of them:

2000. seminar »Art for Social Change«, Europien Cultural Fondation, Belgrade

2000/1 seminar in  ONCA University- Oslo National College Of The Arts, Norway– postdiplomma multimedial study,  "Role of Arts in Conflict Prevention" with artists from Kosovo

2003. seminar CARE, Kosovo-Serbia, » A view from the other side«.

2006/2008, international project with Odil Duboc »Stones and Dreams«, Serbia/France

2010-2012, EU project Proggramme Culture 2007/13, Partners project »Wake Up«/ UK, Neaderland, Serbia and Bosnia.

2012/14 EU programme Youth in Action/ Serbia, UK, Romania, Bosnia

2014/19 The Complete Freedom of Truth”, EU project, Erasmus + 2015/17


Having long-term experience of research work in theatre, Nela Antonovic published two books “Mimart rings” (2000) and “Phenomenology through movement” (2004) and two e-books “25” (2009) and Mimart Monograph (2014).  


Other works: