Darren Abrahams is an opera singer, therapist, social entrepreneur and coach. During the course of his singing career he has been a Count, two Dons, a soldier, a flautist, a hijacker, an autistic schizophrenic with KGB delusions, the dirtiest man in Damascus, a gorilla, the friend of an angel, an expectant father, a moody teen, a red lion, an Olympic cyclist, the advisor to a queen, a fake Italian barber, a mad Russian, a nymph, a sailor, a messenger, the son of a witch, a wood spirit, a game show contestant, a stamp thief and a medical dog… no wonder he’s interested in Identity!

Off stage his interest has been in the field of human potential. He believes that social problems stem from personal problems and works around the world to bring people back in touch with themselves so they can live consciously creative, connected lives as part of vibrant communities. Projects have taken him to the Balkans, India and the Middle East as well as all around the UK. Darren's personal experience has shown him that people live best when they know who they are and how they fit into the world around them. When life difficulties bring up barriers that separate people from one another, the arts (especially music) have the ability to bridge those gaps and affect the individual on all levels – biological, psychological and social – delivering healing in the shape of enjoyment, fulfilment and shared experience, and bringing people back together when they need each other most. Hes seen this first hand working with men and women, adults and children, mainstream and differently abled and is constantly amazed by the ability of human beings to transcend profound difficulties to express the beauty in themselves. 

Darren is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (trauma therapist), a Brainspotter, a Sound Healer and a High Performance Coach. He is the co-creator of Circular Sounds, a transformational process using the power of symbols to expand potential, build teams and unlock ideas, co-founder of the Starr Trust, a Brighton based UK charity providing scholarships to help young people fulfil their potential through sports, arts, education and enterprise, and creator of Pioneers, a mentoring programme teaching social entrepreneurship to teenagers. He's a passionate advocate of entrepreneurship and believes that harnessing the power of business skills for social good is our best chance of lifting people out of poverty and into empowered lives. Only by combining an awareness of Identity, Business and Performance will we ever find success on our own terms.